My activites


I code in several languages, here they are:

  • HTML & CSS
  • PHP
  • Kotlin
  • Javascript

I make desktop apps, websites, discord bots and more!

Data Science

I am learning data science on my own. I am interested in this field and I am even planning to do an engineering degree in data engineering.

My projects



Devioo is a development studio where we are gathered developers who do, assemble, projects or orders for people who want a website, a discord bot, or any other thing


Bliter is a discord bot to customize your server! It's easy-to-use panel and regular updates will make you happy

Ergo CSS

Ergo is a professional and easy-to-use CSS framework


My services

Being a developer, I can make you a website, a discord bot, configure a server or web hosting or even advise you!

About me

I am a young developer of only 15 years old, my nickname is Cetus. I learned to develop in March 2020 during confinement, I first started with a discord bot (now unavailable) then in August 2020 I started creating websites!

Here I am now in October 2021 and I want to learn more and more.

I learn everything by myself with tutorials that I can find on the internet

August 30th 2021

I'm starting my computer science apprenticeship

January 4th 2021

I published the devioo.com website


September 15th 2020

This is the day I opened devioo !

August 2020

I started creating websites in HTML5 and CSS3 by following open classrooms trainings

May 23th 2020

I started coding in Javascript by doing a discord bot